The Future of Field Robotics

Arcadia Tractor is enabling field robotics, one application at a time. Our all-electric tractors operate in unstructured environments. They are self-driving, self-charging, and self-learning. We build on each application to tackle greater complexity, add more value, and increase scale.


A tractor designed to be versatile, simple, and easy to use. Simplicity makes it easy to scale and adapt to new applications over time.


Our robot works around the clock. Our robot can do the job right day or night and requires little to no maintenance.


We reduce carbon emissions, local air pollution, and eliminates fuel spills.  We enable monitoring & management to minimize environmental footprint.

Operational Excellence

Today, our tractors are solving customer problems in the field. We are here to help with repetitive, tedious, & dangerous jobs that are hard to fill.
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